22 E.G. Street, CW4,
Vanderbijlpark, 1911

About Us

We are 100% Black South African own engineering company, established in 2015. SIBISI ENGCOR ENGINEERS is a pioneer in the development and implementation of innovative solutions, the Corporation is recognized for its engineering expertise. Sibisi Engcor Engineers (pty) Ltd is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering personalized, high – quality and cost efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients. Everything we do is of a high standard, in order to ensure competitive prices; we constantly work towards improving our service levels and reducing our costs. Our Customers are serviced promptly and efficiently.

Our Expertises Includes the Following :


We provide railroad construction services to railroads, rail-served industry and transportation agencies and authorities. We specialize in the design, construction and management of rail projects of all sizes. We create value for our clients by constructing safe and reliable rail projects with an unparalleled level of proficiency and quality workmanship.


We refurbish airplanes and airport waiting rooms/lounges to a high standard.This includes seating, tables, plus other equipment,
fixtures and fittings as required.Our Specialized Service includes Professional cleaning of seating, Painting, Strip seating out of planes and take to our depot to be worked on. Strip covers and/or foam from seating....


Roads are vital in assisting our world’s economic development by enabling people and freight get to where they need to go, safely and efficiently and well, they can have a profound effect on the surrounding environment and communities, while still promoting sustainability and enhancing safety and connectivity.


We understand that trade drives port development, and that key success factors for a port development focus on the ability to operate cost efficiently, safely, and reliably. Ports also need to operate sustainable in a community, within a sensitive near-shore environment, and align with government.