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Vanderbijlpark, 1911

Marines & Ports

For any requirement inside the port gate, from policy and strategy, planning and approvals, projects, design, construction, operations, and maintenance, through to closure, we provide a fully integrated service across the following sectors:
• Ports and harbours design, including lay-outing,
breakwaters, navigation assessments, and wave
penetration studies
• Dry bulk terminals, including as part of a mine
development, rail and port bulk transport solutions
• Oil and gas terminals
• Container terminals and dry port/intermodal terminals
• Multi-purpose terminals
• Transshipment facilities
• Ferry terminals
• Coastal management/protection
• Small craft facilities and waterfront developments

Sibisi Engcor Engineers has delivered complete port facilities for dry bulk products such as coal, iron ore,sugar, grain, cement, bauxite, nickel ore, mineral concentrates, and mineral sands, as well as downstream oil terminals. Our understanding of the characteristics of these products, combined with specialised skills inthe design of seaboard bulk materials handling facilities and exposed near-shore facilities, and wharf/shiploader combinations, sets us apart from our competitors.

Hydro-Blasting and Vacuum Cleaning

Our Services Include:
• High and Ultra High Pressure Hydro Jetting.
• Heat Exchanger Cleaning – (HP, UHP & SUHP)
• Pipe and Tube Bundle Cleaning
• Condensor Cleaning: Riged and Flexi – Lance Automated
• Drain and Floor Cleaning
• Boiler Cleaning / Tank Degassing
• Surface & Structural Preparation
• Vessel, Tank, Sump & Dam Cleaning – Desludging
• Catalyst Handling
• Cyanide Handling
• Chemical Cleaning
• Hazardous Material Transportation
• Hazardous Material Vacuuming, Transport and
• Non-Metalic: Rubber Lining & Fibreglass Plastic
Pipeline Systems – HDPE
• FCCU Shutdown Work
• Stripping of Rubberized and Coated
Vessels with UHP Jetting

Diving Services

We have extensive underwater construction expertise as well as a proven track record in all other areas of civil engineering. Our team of highly trained marine and construction specialists continue to excel in high quality commercial diving and marine construction services. Our specialist services involve turnkey solutions to marine construction operations of submerged Cofferdams, concrete shuttering, piling, blasting and piping. Also offering extensive experience in salvage, survey and dredging.We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business.
Our Services :
- General diving : Harbours, dams, rivers, water treatment plants, reservoirs.
- Marine Civil work : Harbours and all other water related projects.
- Probing and underwater surveys : Probing and underwater surveys, including Hydrographic, high
resolution Multi-beam & Single-beam echo-sounders and Side Scan Sonars and surveys.
- Dredging & cleaning : Where dredgers cannot work or dredge, our dive team can do the work, under jetties, between pier piles, confined areas, rocky outcrops,between moorings and other hard to reach areas.
- Diving inspections : In most water structures, with the aid of underwater CCTV all data can be captured of the dive inspection, complete with diver voice recording.
- Underwater welding and cutting: Reputable and experienced underwater welding and cutting services in most water infrastructures.
- General underwater maintenance work : in harbours,river weirs, bridge structures, dam wall repairs, underwater concrete work, and a vast range of services in this section.
- Pipeline inspections : Mainly outfall pipe lines, abalone farm intake lines, power station reticulation pipe systems, cleaning, repairs and replacements.
- Mooring installation and inspections: Design and complete installation conducted In most harbours, maintenance and chain change-out work.
- Salvage work and other: Small vessels , Fishing vessels , Vehicles and buses.

All other types of salvage Recovery of various sunken items
Underwater CCTV camera recordings
Underwater blasting services

Specialist diving work :
Cleaning of potable reservoirs
Contaminated water diving
Confined space work
Low or no visibility diving
Diving work in Dams, rivers, sewage plants and other
hazardous conditions