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Railways Services

At Sibisi Engcor Engineers we provide railroad construction services to railroads, rail-served industry and transportation agencies and authorities. We specialize in the design, construction and management of rail projects of all sizes. We create value for our clients by constructing safe and reliable rail projects with an unparalleled level of proficiency and quality workmanship.

Our Services include:
Design/build track
Road bed construction (grading)
Panelized turnout and crossover construction and installation


The track inspection services we provide include baseline and routine track inspection. Maintenance of track at your facility is imperative to preventing derailments, which cause service outages and the inability to ship your product on schedule. We are highly proficient in track inspection and conducting the necessary track improvements.

Sibisi Engcor Engineers track repair services includes:
Surfacing and tie installation
Fixing broken and defective rails
Removing and reconstructing tracks
Repairing switches.

We are prepared to perform a variety of flood response services including:
Debris removal
Track restoration
Road construction
Debris hauling/removal
Product salvage and reclamation
Environmental site remediation

Sibisi Engcor Engineers has highly experienced signal inspection and repair technicians to assess the functionality of your signals and repair any damages or defective components safely and efficiently. Every technician is fully qualified to test, maintain, or repair any and all signal components.
We also Offer Complete Repair, Maintenance & Restoration Solutions for Your Railcars. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures that our employees are trained and certified to provide the best quality service to our customers. They also ensure that our facility offers the equipment necessary to perform work professionally and proficiently.
Our certified employees are capable of handling equipment and repairs on any style of railcar. We can provide repair, maintenance and restoration solutions to meet your needs while minimizing fleet downtime through flexible scheduling.
We establish program repairs tailored specifically for your fleet needs including :
- Locomotive Services
- Car Types Accepted
- Open Top Hopper Cars
- Covered Hopper Cars
- Box Cars – All Types
- Gondolas
- Flat Cars ◦TOFC, COFC, Bulkhead, Multipurpose, Heavy
- Duty Depressed
- Refrigerated Cars
- Tank Cars – Running Repair & Paint Only
- Auto Racks

Rail Branding & Refurbishment Services :
In addition to Tank Railcar Washes, Lakeshore offers Transloading, Maintenance, Hazardous Materials (HM) Testing, Waste Water Treatment, Services and Tank Railcar Scrapping.

Our Facility Capabilities :
- Rule 88 Rebuilding
- Running Repair
- Modifications
- Truck Reconditioning
- In-house Metal Fabrication
- Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,
- Aluminum Welding
- Car Conversions
- Interior/Exterior Blast & Paint
- Plural Component Coating Application
- Warranty Repairs
- Mobile Repair Services
- Maintenance and Repair Programs
- Lease Returns
- Car Cleaning
- Scrap Cars
- Heavy Repair
- Wreck Repair

Railroad Emergency Services :
Cleanup & Transfer
We are specialist in railway clean-up and transfer capabilities. Our specialized equip and highly trained personnel provide safe, quick, and cost effective solutions to your company’s needs.

Our core business is concentrated on rail :
- Clean-up
- Product recovery and disposition
- Load adjustments
- Track cleaning
- Load transfers

Track Clean-Up :
The service offered by Sibisi Engcor Engineers employs a special vacuum-aided track cleaner designed specifically to eliminate dust and remove 100% of material from the top of the ties which assists in the visual inspection of track for proper preventative maintenance. The vacuum equipment, when used in conjunction with the track cleaner’s broom, minimizes dust. With the broom
detached, the vacuum alone proves useful in removing spilled granular materials in difficult to reach locations, like switches.

Clean-Up & Remediation :
We provide site reclamation and remediation.Following derailments, most sites have damages to landscaping, roads, ditches, waterways, wooded areas and general terrain. We will stay on site and provide the necessary clean up and remedial services to put the site back to either its original state or a condition mutually agreed upon by the landowner and the railroad. We can provide this service very economically since we can start this process immediately following a cleanup situation,using many of the same personnel and equipment used during the clean-up process.

Load Transfer & Adjustments :
Professional prompt handling of all commodities including :
- Auto parts
- Lumber
- Grain fertilizer
- Plastics
- Coal
- Food products
The versatility of our equipment allows us to do the transload either on rail or off. We can use our equipment to tow railcars, which allows us to operate  independently. We have the equipment and experience necessary to handle any type of load transfers, whether single commodity or multiple cars.


Branding and enhancing the exterior and interior surfaces of rail rolling-stock using high performance self adhesive films and printed graphics helps create a consistent and improved passenger experience. From initial livery design phases to on-going aftercare, our experienced rail project team works closely with you and your partners to implement your brand identity. Combined with our rail refurbishment services, we ensure your livery looks first class every day.

Promotional train wraps :
We help operators use promotional train wraps and graphics to communicate service and corporate messages to passengers, promote sponsorships, community projects, events and drive awareness for good causes.
Programmes :
- Vestibule areas
- Dado, bulkhead, ceiling & panels
- Buffet areas
- Sleeping compartments
- Toilets
- Luggage racks
- Windows & glass partitions
- Table tops & seat backs
- Driver's cab

Train toilet wrapping & refurbishment :
Using a combination of surface refurbishment and paint services with our rail compliant self-adhesive film solutions, we can help you brighten up these spaces in line with your brand.

Rail safety labels & passenger notices :
Passenger safety is paramount and keeping your trains, trams and tubes in service means all mandatory safety labels on your rail vehicles need to be present and correct, no exceptions.

Rail Exterior Refurbishments :
Our dedicated and fully trained rail refurbishment teams have vast experience in delivering projects that involve repairing and restoring all external areas of rail rolling-stock.
Areas of scope include :
- Corrosion treatment
- Body, window, cab & roof repairs
- Surface preparation & cleaning
- Paint spraying
- Livery & graphics application
- Bellow repair systems
- Window filming & replacement
- Joint sealing & water ingress protection
- Mandatory labeling
- Graffiti protection systems

Rail carriage interior refresh & refurbishment :
We undertake a full suite of repairs and surface preparation, before using our printed or decorative recovering films, full interior repainting or a combination of both.
Refurbishment Areas include :
- Vestibule areas
- Dado, bulkhead & ceiling panels
- Buffet & sleeping compartments
- Toilets facilities
- Luggage racks
- Windows & glass partitions
- Table tops & seat backs
- Grab poles & handles
- Driver's cab & consoles

Refurbishment Treatments include :
- Full surface repair & preparation
- Corrosion treatment
- Paint respraying & powder-coating
- Lighting & electrical refit or replacement
- Carpet cleaning or replacement
- Seat covers & fabrics - cleaning or replacement
- New seat & flooring installation
- Window & glass polishing or replace
- Anti-graffiti films & coatings
- Hard-wearing printed graphics
- Mandatory labelling & notices

Paint spraying & liquid coatings :
We are fully set up to apply a range of advanced colour-match paint systems and protective coating products. Both on-site and off depending on the requirements and scope of work. Our mobile paintspraying capability uses a portable booth and extraction system, fully tested and approved for use on rail depots. This allows us to undertake spot repairs in addition to full resprays of cab fronts, doors and other vehicle elements without moving units. If required, we also have access, through our key rail partners to take units off site for full paint overhauls.


Repair & Maintenance Services :
We offer a fast response service to manage on-site repairs, graffiti removal and livery maintenance for your trains. This service gives you the benefit of quickly and cost effectively reacting to accident damage and vandalism, ensuring attacked units are repaired and back in service in the fastest possible time and avoiding operator penalties.